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 Jeff Hardy

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PostSubject: Jeff Hardy   Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:10 am

Mike, I caught yours and DS' conversation about Jeff. I agree with DS. Put aside the drugs for one minute. Jeff, as a performer, can work. He's shown that as part of the Hardyz. He shown that during his singles run ins the WWE and when he held the belt. During those times he did enough for Trips to work with him. With Taker to work with him. I think it's slightly unfair to suggest he can't work.

Going back to the drugs, I know it's unlikely that he would go back and still stay on the straight and narrow. But they have done it before - Razor has been brought back when it's known he's a substance abuser. Eddie was given a chance after becoming addicted to pain killers. There's a number of superstars that have come back from wellness violations. There's a precendent for him.

Like DS I think it's more a chance for him to make a little extra money by working TNA. Which I say fair play to him. Jeff isn't the first to do that and certainly won't be the last. In my heart I do wish Jeff could keep clean and go back to the WWE. My head knows it's probably not going to happen and, if it did, it probably wouldn't work.

But I'm going to contonue to root for Jeff. When he's fallen of the wagon he's usually hurt nobody but himself and his own career. It's a lot different to a number of superstars who they keep dabbling with despite violent offences, etc. So I'm willing to cut him some slack. I'm going to give him the nod as a fine worker who's blotted his copybook. I just think you have to admit the former even if you think the latter.
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Jeff Hardy
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