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 IPW:UK Make or Break 2010

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PostSubject: IPW:UK Make or Break 2010   Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:24 am

Last night I took a couple of friends to see IPW:UK’s “Make or Break” show in Sittingbourne, Kent. IPW:UK are a British promotion who have been going for about six years now, running shows across South East England. After their old base in Orpington was shut down, the promotion now bases itself out of the Swallows Leisure Centre in Sittingbourne, running a show there around 8 times a year, plus various other shows around the area.

Over the years, IPW have developed and showcased some great talent in British wrestling, some of whom (Doug Williams, Nick Aldis, Burchill, Nigel McGuinness, Pac, etc) have gone on to fame in the US and Japan. They have also brought US and Japanese talents to these shores (AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Frankie Kazarian, Kevin Steen, Chris Hero, Go Shiozaki, Takeshi Morishima, the Bashams, Eugene, Bryan Danielson, Roderick Strong, Austin Aries, etc etc). Their shows are always worth going to.

Last night’s show was great. The opening contest was a cruiserweight match between US import “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross and England’s own (and now Dragongate in Japan’s own) Mark Haskins. A great fast contest which Haskins won to be declared the new number 1 contender for the cruiser title.

Next up was a match between former All England champion Terry Frazer, and the returning Zebra Kid. Zebra works a very stiff style, and he and Terry knocked the living hell out of each other, brawling into the crowd and just beating on each other like you would not believe. Zebra eventually won.

Third contest was Terry’s former tag partner, the recently turned heel Sha Samuels versus IPW’s poster boy (and recent WWE development signee, apparently) Martin Stone. This went EVERYWHERE, even brawling into the gents toilets and then outside into the street (where they traded slams on the concrete). Sha eventually won thanks to an errant shot to the balls on Stone.

After the break, the heel manager Gilligan Gordon was handcuffed to the ring while his charge James Tighe took on Joel Redman. If Redman won, he’d get five minutes in the ring with Gordon. He did win in a great technical contest, but Gordon was saved a beatdown when former IPW champ Yssten Reese returned and beat up Redman with a huge powerbomb.

Penultimate contest saw IPW Champion Dave Mastiff take on Leroy Kincaide in a 2 out of 3 falls contest. Leroy had the early going before Dave surprised him with a sunset flip (all 21 stone of him) pin to get the first fall. The match went back and forth, with Lreoy looking like he had the win, before Dave finally put him away to retain the belt.

In the final contest, the Tag Team Champions, the All Stars (Mikey Whiplash and Robbie Dynamite) defended the belts against the former champions, the Leaders of the New School (Marty Scurl and Zack Sabre Jr). What a nice change to see a tag title match as the main event on a show. And I’m going to say this – I don’t know of a tag team, not just in England but in the entire WORLD, that are any better than the Leaders right now. The only thing that would hold them back is neither guy is the biggest of wrestlers, but in terms of sheer talent as individuals, and certainly in terms of their fluidity, communication, and working as a tag team, there is nobody better than them at the moment. Its sheer poetry to watch the stuff they pull off together.

To be fair, the All Stars aren’t far behind them, and if they only four people I could ever watch wrestle again would be those four, I’d not be complaining.

At one point, Marty had Robbie Dynamite in a snow plough position whilst standing on the apron. Zack climbed to the top rope and jumped, hitting dynamite in the back with a dropkick. Marty used the momentum of the kick to propel himself backwards, and drive the snow plough on dynamite into the floor outside the ring. It looked amazing.

But it wasn’t enough to win back the belts, and in the end the All Stars retained in a fantastic match.

Both my mates, who had never seen a UK show before, really enjoyed themselves and want to go back. I’ve said it before, check out your local shows – you can have a great night at these smaller companies.
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IPW:UK Make or Break 2010
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